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  1. My crown grows SLOWEST no matter what I do. In 5 months you got 5 inches,
    your hair’s growing FAST!! By da way, you’re photogenic cus ur pics come
    out looking professional 🙂 as if you’ve done modeling (I bet).

  2. Wow great hair growth that spritz is definetly working if it ain’t broke
    don’t fix it it hair looking good im actually thinking about big chopping
    real soon 

  3. I now that’s right sis, aint nobody got time for that!!lol I’m glad you
    found something that works for you! The key is to really make sure to lock
    in the moisture and your middle part might be a lil dryer than the rest of
    your hair, as mines is. That spritz must be super moisturizing because it
    is allowing your hair to retain length due to that fact that it isn’t dry.
    I’m going to try this out because my middle part is needs a lil help lol!
    Im glad i caught this video on my feed!:)

  4. If you find yourself always returning back to that spritz, then never leave
    it again. The young men must be sleeping because it is very quiet. I like
    the editing. Good disclaimer. 

  5. Same here I’ve been using Shea butter and water gel as needed and a lil
    olive oil that’s it and my hairs been loving it

  6. Omgosh! I’m so happy i ran into your video. My hair broke off in the same
    way around my entire crown! I was unsure about healthy hair care and
    working out. The sweat and the wrong set angler riped my crown completely
    out. I dont want to do a big chop. Since i began my hair journey in January
    my hair never felt better. I can show pic of my hair if you want to see the
    damage. But i have to say i came a long way since the breakage. 

  7. Wonderful spritz! The key is moisture. I’m so happy you found what works
    for you. Sometimes we need to return to the beginning of our journey to
    find what works best for our hair. Congrats and amazing growth!

  8. My crown is my ” slow grow ” area to….I give it more tlc and I’ve deff
    seen a difference in My growth…..even under my sew ins. Good info lady!

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