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25 thoughts on “How To: Quick, Cute & Easy protective style on short natural hair (4c hair)

  1. Yesss Please show how to do a cornrow. I’ve tried a million times and
    always end up doing an inside cornrow and not that neat on top of it 🙁 .
    Love your voice btw 

  2. Before you go to bed put water on your edges than put a thick headband on
    the next morning edges layed 

  3. can you show us the bigger braids in that style but in the back just let
    the braid hang using braid hair(weave) please and thank you

  4. Use the edge wax with eco styler gel. FABS….I use the 2 when I need flat
    edges. Works perfectly. Doesn’t matter which you use first.

  5. What is 4C hair? What ever it is I think that I have it. I am glad to have
    found this website. I had my last perm in April 2012. I did not do a big
    chop however in March of 2013 I had my hair trimmed. The last time I had it
    trimmed was December 2013. Most of the time I either wear a hat or a wig.
    Not because I do not have hair but because I like hats and I do not know
    how to style my natural hair. I will be looking forward to your posts on

  6. I think I’m the only black girl alive who can’t braid worth anything. Lol
    I’d like to see a step by step of how to do corn rows. 

  7. After you put a product on your edges, cover it nice and snug with a
    bandana. Wait until it dries and it should be laid from there. I have 4c
    hair and it works for me always.

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