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25 thoughts on “HOW TO: Nudred Afro Taper | Men’s Haircut Tutorial | HD – 1080

  1. Ok this is my 2nd time watchin ur video and posting my 2nd comment and i
    just cant seem to get over it bro! And the beat is super dope too and it
    got me super stoked to cut some hair and give some edge ups! Very inspiring
    Dave! Keep it up Dave and know that u are in my top 3 barbers list. Its
    you, Vick the Barber, and Chuka the Barber. Its about 7am and the day has
    just begun but i will probably end up watchin this video a few more times
    today! Have a blessed day Dave! God bless!

  2. how does it gro into locs tho
    also it seems after i shower and use conditioner my hair is like flat and
    it goes away why?

  3. Thank you for the great video, that is awesome. We need your information to
    send you some NuDred Solutions.

  4. what is that tool that he rubbed against his hair to clump it together

  5. I need a good haircut but I don’t know what to get. I have been looking for
    an hour and don’t know what to get. I hate my hair :(

  6. About that Nudred being used on a afro. If u were to continue to make
    circles around hus gead with the brush would the dreds come in better?
    Reason why Im asking bcuz I’ve ysed it b4 on my hair with a low fade now I
    have a 2 1/2 in afro. What moisturizer should I use on my afro with a
    person like me who has thin straight hair?

  7. can the nundred be used on soft hair ,because I have the whole afro thing
    going on with the taper but my hair is really soft

  8. Thank you for this video it is amazing what you can do Im in the UK and
    hate taking my son to the babers your video has inspired me to learn how to
    do his hair myself he has a big afro and needs a shape up every week what
    advice would you give. Big thanks continue the great work 

  9. Nice cut. Two questions tho. How long does your hair have to be to use the
    nudred brush? Where can i get a nudred brush?

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