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10 thoughts on “How to Maintain Natural Hair and Achieve Hair Growth

  1. thnx for the vid 🙂 now i know what im going to do but i have soem
    questions cuz im transitioning and when i twist my hair the relaxed part
    always loosens up and doesnt stay twisted >.< thats annoying and is using Jamaican mango and lime no more itch gro spray everyday on my hair help keep it healthy and growing like they say? any other tips would help thnx 🙂

  2. Thanks for your comment. To answer your questions…1. It takes me about an
    hour to twist my hair. 2. I keep my twists in for 6 weeks the longest and
    wash/condition once a week, after the 3rd week I usually untwist half way
    up just so I can get rid of the dead hair and add moisturizer between the
    twists. 3. When I take my hair down I separate it into 4 sections to keep
    it from getting matted, I find that washing the hair in sections is easer
    to manage and detangle.

  3. I like the idea very much, I also have a busy schedule. I have some
    questions for you: 1.How long does it take you to twist your entire hair?
    2. How many days do you keep the twists? 3. Does your hair ever get matted
    when you are taking them down? Thanks for sharing!

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