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25 thoughts on “How To Keep Natural Hair From Reverting: My Tips & Tricks! | Ciarahoneydip

  1. What’s the humidity reading where you live. I live in Houston, TX where
    humidity levels stay above 80%.

  2. I was just thinking after watching ur video, maybe the reason wrapping
    works so well is because the hair is close to your head and ur body heat
    gives a warm pressing to the hair throughout the night…anyway..lol…I am
    going to try ur suggestions. I sweat around my forehead a lot and I get
    reverted nearly immediately. Checking around for some solutions!Thanks for

  3. Yes maam! It was summer as a matter of fact when I film this. It gets poofy
    all over once it frizzes! lol

  4. i checked your blow dry video & ur hair wet doesn’t look like a natural
    curl pattern… your hair looks heat damaged when wet.

  5. question, would u be able to tell my y my hair doesn’t wrap? every time i
    try n wrap it, it just falls back down. help plz n ty!

  6. Pull it into a high ponytail at night…I mean like the very TOP of your
    head lol Wrap it in a scarf and sleep like that.

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