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25 thoughts on “[How to] Grow Natural Hair Out Faster and Longer – Super Fast!

  1. My mother permed my hair at 10. I had scabs for days. I would pick them. I
    got laughed at and called, “Bloody Mary.” I wish I would’ve known the
    damage. I’ve been on my natural hair journey since 2010. My hair is past my
    waist now. I wish I would’ve known these tips. :)

  2. Omg, not to sound racist to my own race but I thought only white people can
    grow hair that long and luscious, you inspired me, if you can do it, why
    can’t I :-D

  3. Ur hair is beautifully amazing lol
    That was cheesy but for real… .
    Im on my hair journey now an I came across this stuff called hair potion…
    ever since I cut all the perm off my hair I have just been wearing hair
    protective styles and using my hair potion its home made I for got the
    ladys name but the main ingredient is castor oil lol but it works pretty
    awesome for my hair…
    I love the video makes me more ready for my hair journey 

  4. Hi…I have dull, dry and unruly as well frizzy hair..I have researched
    and got to know that arga nrain professional hair care product. It is
    useful in taming frizzy hair, and to make my hair grow faster. It is also
    sulfate, slicone, alcohol, salt and dye free.

  5. Arga nlife make my hair grow faster …smells pretty nice though.. I wouldt
    recommend it but who knows might work for you. .arga nlifeproducts…

  6. Hi, how did you trim your hair over the 3 years? I know it can be trimmed
    without straightening but I don’t hear many methods of doing this. Please
    let me know.

  7. Aww, you have such a beautiful family and you seem
    so happy about your hair. Can’t wait until I’m there!

  8. Woah, your hair is really nice. I actually shaved pretty much all of my
    hair, and I really really want to grow it out. 

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