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25 thoughts on “HOW TO | Grow LONG Natural Hair Without Biotin | #2

  1. +msmyyaa Its recommend that black people spend at least an hour a day in
    the sun. Most black people outside of Africa is Vitamin D deficient. I
    don’t drink milk, eat Fortified Cereals, Salami, Ham, and Sausages, Soy or
    Fortified Dairy Products. So fish and the sun will always be best. An hour
    a day isn’t excessive.

  2. when i used biotin i got heart palpitations; I’m not sure they were the
    cause, but i got more palpitations than i ever had normally, so i just

  3. Girl you are awesome! I agree wholeheartedly with what you are saying.
    People think that I have put all these products and take magic pills to see
    hair growth. It’s refreshing to hear you speak of “healthy eating” for
    obtain hair length. I am so glad to hear your testimonial. I hope others
    hear you as well. I do plan on sharing this video with others. Stay

    honesty, fur thumbs to doing it the RIGHT OBVIOUS way lol,New subbie ;)

  5. Eating Veggies will change your life!! My hair grew 3 to 4 inches in one
    year. The next year It grew 8 to 11 inches! The ONLY thing I changed was
    eating veggies! Both years I took the utmost care of my hair, but those
    veggies…… life changer!

  6. I agree people need to eat healthier foods such as walnuts for omega 3 or
    take fish oil pills, almond milk, spinach because green vegetables is good
    for body, 2%milk for calcium, boil eggs for protein and drink plenty of
    water. I also agree cover your hair with a scarf at night, it helps a lot
    by keeping in the moisture and protecting hair. I also agree biotin does
    not grow hair but it does strengthen hair. I took hair finity for 2 months
    and my hair shed, grew and made my hair thin. So I stopped taking them. A
    multivitamin is better.

  7. Good video, Naturallyolina. A multivitamin and biotin did work for me. Also
    I have glad you stated exercise, eating healthy is very important.

  8. I meant to say the Realness in the video about natural hair, Glad to hear
    somebody being honest and not pushing a pill to grow hair.

  9. I take 1000 dosage of biotin. I don’t break out, my hair grows at a faster
    pace, and my nails. I don’t know. I didn’t pay much attention to my nails
    because I never grow them out. So yea, I just depends on how your body
    reacts to biotin, if you are drinking enough water, and how much you take a
    day. But I like my biotin results.

  10. Amen sis, these manufacturers and wholesalers are some demonic, money
    hungry, deceitful bastards! Ahahahahahaha. You look healthy and glowing
    girly. SPEAK THE TRUTH! Deliver us from bondage! LOL

  11. This video was just amazing, i couldn’t have said it better my self your
    such and inspiring young women that is giving better advice which is eating
    healthy foods … Thank you for sharing this video and i’ll be sure to eat

  12. After a while buying Hairifnity for $24 a month gets tiring. Just buy a
    multivitamin for $7 with the same or more ingredients. People should be
    taking multivitamins daily anyway. Because I doubt we eat sufficient amount
    of Vitamin A,B,C,D,E in our daily diets. 

  13. I used hairfinity for 2 months and it gave me a headache. Also it only grew
    my hair 1/2 an inch a month and my hair can do that on its own. It did help
    my nails but was definable not worth the price.

  14. ive read about hairfinity and biotin so im guessing hair skin and nails is
    also out of the subject :/ ima still try it out im black and my mummy told
    meh in first grade my hair was about mid back and then i kept brushing my
    hair and now its to my neck so everytime i see a black peson with long hair
    im sad :(

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