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18 thoughts on “How To Grow Long Natural Hair Fast – PART 2 – 5 Tips to Help You SUCCEED !!

  1. I don’t think my hair will ever grow long like yours no matter how great I
    take care of it 

  2. Hey! Do you think that weaves help grow your hair fast or braids? I have
    really course 4c hair so it doesn’t effect my edges but it’s so expensive
    to get my hair done!

  3. How To Succeed in your hair growth journey – NEVER EVER let the seeds of
    discouragement scatter inside your mind. Quite often we get discouraged
    when trying to so hard to achieve a goal and we don’t seem to be getting
    the results we expected. Despite any setbacks, it is not only perseverance
    that is needed to help us reach our goals but also proper management and
    scheduling. Here is a video to help those struggling with management of
    their natural hair. I have given you 5 tips to help you SUCCEED in reaching
    your natural hair goal 

  4. Your hair is soooo cool 😀 does these tips work for anybody, or just your
    hair texture? :)

  5. THANK-YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR HAIR VIDEOS! Our texutre almost looks identical.
    You give me a lot of hope and encouragement that one day my natural hair
    will look like this!

  6. Would love if you can go check out these newly natural YouTubers!! They
    would love some support!! youtube.com/kinkandkurl THANK YOU

  7. I use argan oil hair treatment product arganl ife.! It is the best argan
    brand. It does help hair growth as well.

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