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25 thoughts on “How to Grow Long healthy Hair (My Haircare Routine) l melanie griffian

  1. thankkk youu ladies for all great comment and bad.. wahhhh, will be doing a
    sit down updated video to explain in depth the products i used, how i use
    them, a length check and i will be answering some of you guys questions
    that i see below. no I’m not a hair professional but this is just what
    worked for me. as you can see. video will be up on saturday.. march29th .. 

  2. Its really waste of product,,,,, and the hair still look like a wig

    sorry just saying the truth or mybe in your hair type

  3. I like the video and the products you used but if it is your first time why
    is the title how to grow long hair. These products didn’t grow your hair
    long if it is the first time using them, right?

  4. My cousin told me i did too much too my hair product wise. but i do all of
    the things you do step by step! i can never go without a hair mask or leave
    in. its past my bra strap now! and thick because of these things! better
    than constant heat!

  5. Wow your hair grew so fast in just two years! I just started my natural
    hair journey, subbed to your channel, hope you can stop by and sub to mine?

  6. I just started using that Macadamia hair masque. Oh my lord that is my holy
    grail product, it has repaired most of my split ends, strengthened my hair
    and helped it thicken and grow a ton! Thanks a bunch for letting me know
    about this product. :)

  7. Just a tip but don’t out shampoo on your ends. It just dries it out. Put it
    on your scalp and let it rinse down your ends.

  8. Your not supposed to put conditioner on your scalp and putting shampoo on
    your ends , cause split ends and breakage .

  9. That’s how long my hair was then my hair fell out , broke off , so did my
    edges and now I’m in the proses go growing my hair back . I was so
    embarrassed ,but don’t use the same things like you but I use things
    similar and my hair is getting back to normal I guess .

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