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22 thoughts on “How To Grow Long Hair For Black Men & Women

  1. +LongHair Aaron how do I moisturize my dreads and keep em moisterized? How
    can I make my hair grow faster? How can I make it look shiny like not dry

  2. I have a question Aaron, do you have any suggestions for a conservative
    hairstyle for black men with long hair? I’ve been growing out my hair for
    about 2.5months now and I’m rocking a mini fro. I want to wear it more
    conservatively as it gets longer since I’ll be graduating college soon and
    getting ready for professional interviews. I don’t want braids or dreads.
    Any suggestions? Thanks, i’ve been applying a lot of your tips keep up the
    great work

  3. I’ve had my hair short for my 20 years on this earth. I’m horribly bored of
    it and hate going to my barber. I wanna grow my hair out long and rock a
    unique style but I have NOOOOOO idea what I’m doing :P

  4. Hi Aaron, my name’s Joshua and I would like to start to grow out my hair
    soon but I’ve experienced some error in the past that’s discouraged me on
    my journey. I usually go to my local barber shop to shave my hair a 1 and
    1/2 cut to avoid the stress of having to actually care for my hair but
    whenever I used to start a little afro, it would just be filled with lint.
    Like my hair was some sort of dust collector. No matter how much I washed
    it and conditioned, it would always end up in some type of mess. And after
    a certain point, it would just stop growing much. I don’t know if it was
    because how I was letting my barber trim it or if I needed to go to a salon
    instead but I really would appreciate your expertise. Thanks. 

  5. What if your hair can’t grow I’ve been growing my hair 6months it don’t
    grow maybe inc 1/5 in 6 months that’s weird. 

  6. Hi I’m protein sensitive, and trying to grow my thinning hair. What
    Products and Daily routine would you recommend?

  7. You rock! I helped my man he was houlder length now hes almost wsl in less
    than two years. I educated him. My hair is past tailbone

  8. My ex had cut my dreads off bout a year now I’m growing my hair now will be
    a problem or take longer for my.hair to grow

  9. Thinking about taking my dreads out and rocking my kinky hair its time for
    a change that skills for the help!

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