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25 thoughts on “How To Grow Long Hair for Black Men: Protective Styling & Ingredients to Avoid.

  1. I have an afro and plan on growing my hair longer. I pick it out a lot. I
    was told it was bad to do that. I also wet it every now and then. How
    should I wear my hair to where as I can wear it in public and keep it

  2. My boyfriend has tight coiled hair like 4a. And he wants to grow it out. Do
    you know what type of hair cut he should get? Its growing out like a
    mushroom…anyways when he goes in for a hair cut should he just get an
    even cut or styled a certain way?

  3. So exactly what products did you personally use to get your growth. And do
    you know any products that are really good for thickening the hair?

  4. Excellent, all my thoughts just have been verified with this video.
    & the amount of bullshit people/society even hair dressers tell me to do is
    just amazing.
    Another rule of thumb, dont take advice from people who dont have the hair
    your looking for.
    Learnt that lesson once and no more.
    Good you got this channel going keep the videos coming.
    Im gonna request some info in the future
    Peace :)

  5. Hi I am trying to grow long hair. I just cut my hair 2 weeks ago and
    decided to grow it as long as yours. Should I care for my hair now when its
    short or wait until it’s an Afro length and how long have you been growing
    you hair.

  6. its crazy how you and Sir Cruse (360 waver) say the same exact things even
    though you do hair lenght and he does 360 waves

  7. I have a question, I have locs and have had them for 10 yrs now my family
    and I don’t believe in cutting our young men’s hair until they are 8 its a
    family tradition stemming from the belief that hair is linked to strength
    and intelligence. Anyway my son is getting older now and he wants locs but
    he is very very active and some weeks I have to wash his hair 2 to 3
    times because of the sweat smell or the sand and grass from outside and
    he’s not ready for locs yet. Do you have any protective style ideas that I
    could use on him that are both safe for his hair and not time consuming to
    take out or put back? I braided my whole life but they take too long to
    long take out a put back in and I two strand twist but thy only last a few
    days. his hair is thick and soft it has some good elasticity to also so…
    any advice would be helpful if not thanks for trying.

  8. Hey man great vid ! What products exactly do you use on a daily ? Things
    such as shampoos / conditioner and everyday hair care . Name all if
    possible man thanks lol 

  9. With all the ingredients to avoid, what do you recommend for shampooing and

  10. Is “Mane ‘n Tail” Maximum Herbal-Gro good for your hair because it has that
    mineral oil and petrolatum but it also has all the good oils and things
    that your hair need too?

  11. I just started attempting to grow my hair. I grew up with petroleum based
    products and I just recently (The past month) changed to just using Grape
    seed oil only on my hair. Once in the morning before school and once before
    bed. I put a lot in there and it isn’t dry during the day or anything but
    should I be using something else? I also wash my hair every two weeks and
    then condition every week and I use Mane and Tail, what do you think about
    their products? Do you suggest anything better?

  12. Thanks for all this info your videos give to me..cant wait to my hair grows
    this long…about how long did it take for your hair to get to this length?

  13. Watch FAQ video. I think that will help you decide whether or not you
    should use it on your hair.

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