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25 thoughts on “how to grow long hair fast!

  1. Ohh, okay! I only recently started watching your videos, so I didn’t
    realize it was curly. How you have it in this video looks very natural; I
    would have never guessed it isn’t straight. Anyways, great tips on growing
    long, healthy hair

  2. My hair just got super dry and crunchy. There wasnt anything that would
    detangle me hair. It was terible my hair was matted. I tried to not touch
    it and i tried to deep condition with conditioners that contained no
    protein. Lol i just avoided protien like the plague untill my hair got bette

  3. when you found out your hair was protein sensitive what happened to your
    hair? i tried doing a protein treatment and it ruined my curls! if thats
    what happened to you how did you fix it?

  4. The back of my hair its healthy and growing, but the front its literally
    straight, the good thing its that it straightens so easily. How can u get
    it curly again?

  5. i need this tutorial! Gosh i’ve been watching a lot of these videos but i
    like urs the best 🙂

  6. For black? natural hair to grow, be sure you keep it braided, moisturized
    and conditioned. Keep your scalp clean and make sure you stop using
    commercial hair products so prevent build up… You also want to stop using
    heat on your hair Be sure to comb your hair softly every night, do not
    brush your hair as brushing your black natural hair too much will make your
    hair ends break and your hair won’t grow as fast as it should Tips from
    makemyhairgrowfaster (dot) org

  7. Is it wrong to deep condition your hair each time you wash your hair cuz I
    plan to wash my hair three times a week so that means im going to deep
    condition those three days each week

  8. thank you for the heads up/reminder, in middle school i had a permanent
    part down the middle, haha! i look forward to your video with products and
    regimen info!

  9. naturally my hair is very curly ( coils in the back and grows in a S shape
    in the front) i have some videos with my natural hair out in case you were
    interested. also my icon pic for my chanel is preety acurate!!

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