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25 thoughts on “How To GROW LONG Black HAIR in Extensions | Updated Hair Routine !

  1. nice! your hair is so beautiful and so are you!
    but this treatment is way too oily for my hair that it would damage, but
    for dry hair, it seems great!

  2. I’ve always been told you arent supposed to put anything other than
    conditioner on human hair extensions! And as a result shampoo has not
    reached my scalp through the duration of me wearing them… Which is also
    my first time! Literally cannot thank u enough you’ve saved my scalp xxx

    I love my weaves but I also love my natural hair, I am definitely getting a
    weave again since I now know the proper care to use when having a sew in!!
    Thank you!

  4. I just did your wash routine on my synthetic human hair mix weave. OMG,
    This is the cleanest my scalp has been under a weave for ages, sand I have
    washed my natural hair in weaves before. Even though ti is not all human
    hair, the weave looks and smells wonderful and my scalp feels great! I can
    not wait to see the positive effects on my hair when I follow your take
    down process. Thank you so much!

  5. Hi Keisha..my protective style is also a sew in and I wash and condition
    every 2 weeks however I am finding that I am getting breakage especially
    around my edges and front sides of my hair because my hair shrinks(4b) when
    washed and the conrow shrinks pulling hair upwards..do you every deal with
    this or do you have any advice on how i can stop this breakage? thanks

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