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13 thoughts on “How to Grow Hair Past Shoulder Length relaxed/texlaxed/transitioning/natural

  1. Does Bantu Knots count as a protective style? I really want to try this
    because my hair is where yours was & it’s really thin but I’m so insecure
    about my big forehead. I’ve always wore bangs & I don’t want to get pick on
    or made fun of. 

  2. yay ima try it hopefully mum wont try to braid my hair and stuff its kinda
    hard for me cuz the black girls at school pull make fun of my hair like
    this group of three girls only one of them is nice to me and tries to give
    me tips on growing my hair thank u so much 3 months???? ok ill try it <3
    -B (im 12)

  3. I’m going to try this. I just relaxed my hair from it being natural and my
    hair is a little thin, my ends are weak, and I’m at shoulder length, so I’m
    definitely going to do this challenge. Great video! Just what I needed :)

  4. now is it ok that i keep my hair corn rolled i dont add any heat to it i
    dont relax it i just keep it braided. but i noticed that my hair is really
    growing im just really trying to get it armpit length and not sure what
    else to do….pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee help!!!!!!!! lol…

  5. My hair has been shoulder length since 5th grade im
    Now going into 9th grade. Its been a long journey from having damaged hair
    and having to cut it but ive managed to do more protective styles and
    retain length. Thank you for the tips! Im now using more protective styles
    to get past shoulder length once and for all!

  6. I seriously love this. thanks for the tips, I’m on a 6 inches in 6 month
    challenge so I am going to try a 3 month protective challenge as well just
    to help with retaining some length. Thanks! love your channel. I’m a fan.

  7. I just started a 3 month no heat and protective styling challenge and my
    biggest issue is finding the right style cauz i have thinning edges on 1
    side and becauz of that i hate wearing buns..any suggestions??

  8. Hi! so many great ideas here! Lots to think about! I challenged my sister
    today to a 30-day protective style journey.. she has very long, but very
    damaged 4c-type hair.. Good Luck and God Bless sis! 

  9. I’m going for the three months! Currently transitioning for 3 +months now!
    Any suggestions on any hair products for moisture?.. 🙂 

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