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25 thoughts on “How To Get Your Best Twist Out Ever “Natural Hair”

  1. no water or cream? good to see.. my hair usually just gets very dry and
    scrappy ends, so twisting on dry hair never really looks nice… I have
    many different lengths as well so its just a bit of a wild card… would
    you suggest chopping it all to one length (the shortest) and starting

  2. Your hair is absolutely gorgeous. I just started my journey of going
    natural about a month ago. I have worn a weave for at least the last 20
    years and at this stage in my life I am falling in love with what God gave
    me 🙂 Your videos are not only educating, but also very personable and cute
    🙂 I am a new subscriber and watch at least 2 of your videos nightly when
    I am trying to decide what to do with my hair (twist out, curl formers,
    flexi Rods etc…). Thanks for producing such great videos. You have a fan
    for life!!!

  3. does anyone know how to twist from the back properly? i always twist from
    the sides because it is easier.

  4. You, my friend, are a God send. So there I was, tired of looking ragedy
    after I work out with my straight hair. Then I see you with all these
    options that don’t involve heat and I’m like

  5. Whitney I neeeedd that shea butter mixture but it’s not coming out right
    when I try it. Do you sell it????

  6. Your hair is GORGEOUS. Thick, dark, and healthy. So beautiful.
    I’m part African-American and have curly, thick, and kind of coarse hair. I
    cut it short a few years ago and while I love my hair’s length, in the
    future, I’m thinking of letting it grow out…I’m subscribing to your
    channel and will try to pick up some tips for longer, natural hair. This
    was a great vid!

  7. does anyone know how to twist from the back properly? i always twist from
    the sides because it is easier.

  8. I love this tutorial. It took me some trial and error, but I finally got my
    best twist out ever! My profile pic is my results!

  9. I hope my 15 yr old daughter seen this video. She loves your videos and
    your videos have helped her tremendously! 

  10. I’d definitely not recommend doing the stretched twist thing to twists done
    on wet hair. they look a mess in the morning.

  11. I love this video! Thanks for posting! I have been trying to figure out how
    to make my curls look nice and now I know!

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