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24 thoughts on “How To Do Cornrow Braids – Learn how to to this simple braiding technique.

  1. Wow! that is so well explained. Thank you for posting this, I always had
    trouble but now I will do my girl`s hair 😀

  2. I feel u on that ScorpioAsesino…..I’m trying to learn so that i can braid
    my bf’s hair also….lol he won’t do anything with it and refuses to cut
    it. But for some reason…..i jsut can’t get it. It looks so simple!

  3. Thanks. I know what you mean and I’m gonna make a part 2 for this video
    when I get back to “work” next week. Don’t worry…I’ll make sure you and
    anyone who wants to learn how to cornrow “get’s it” perfectly when I’m
    through. 🙂

  4. @alfalgebra Elastics are fine but depending on the texture of your hair it
    might stay on it’s own.

  5. This is tricky to explain….but when you pick the hair up kind of run your
    fingers through as if you are combing the hair out all the way to the ends
    before you bring it around and pick up more hair. Do this with each link
    you make with the braid to make sure the hair doesn’t get tangled. It
    doesn’t matter if you have to go really slowly to do it. I’m going to make
    another video soon showing what I mean o.k.

  6. @zbreezy23 Just watch the video again and again. Move your hands like I
    move mine and you’ll get it.

  7. aww man,ive been trying for ages,but i cant pull it off. ): how do i do it
    on myself? i just want to be able to do the technique. for now. what side
    of the head would be the easiest for me to start?

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