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18 thoughts on “HOW TO| Curly Clip In’s on (Short Natural Hair)

  1. great job!! They look very natural. I actually saw another of your videos
    before this one and thought it was your real hair.

  2. Thanks for watching, I did cut this hair. So if you were wondering what the
    original lengths were check the description box!!

    Hope you ladies loved this, thanks for watching.

    Taylor Alyce

  3. The end result is really nice❤️! I would love too see how you would style
    it on different styles(buns,half up,etc)

  4. Looks great, I love how natural it looks 🙂 I will def try this when my
    hair gets longer

  5. okay so for this years summer i want to try out clip ins of my actual hair
    texture for when i go swimming. my hair shrinks and gets super curler! when
    I’m in the water i have no clue of what to do with it? do you recommend any
    hair textures for my African american kinky hair?

  6. Great job I would’ve done it the same way you did it. Yes to the tutorial
    for the clip-ins please.

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