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25 thoughts on “How to Curl African American Hair Naturally | Natural Beauty | Whole Foods Market

  1. Was this supposed to be a joke? With the amount of NATURAL HAIR gurus here
    in YouTube there is no reason to post a video with such POOR TECHNIQUE. I
    am disappointed! 

  2. “Lets see what you got under there?” Wow that sounds a little rude when
    referring to someones hair. Nice fake acting too, really stupid

  3. The information was so on point
    I learned ALOT bring more hair tutorials of African Americans with Natural
    Hair. Thank you!

  4. This video was very informative and did a great job advertising the
    products sold at Whole Foods. I think the technique was appropriate for the
    transitioning textures of the models hair. Now, will this technique work
    for all curl hair textures. No! Overall I did enjoy watching, it was
    informative, professional and nicely done. It wasn’t muddled and amateur
    like some of the other natural hair videos on you tube. Please create more
    video for varying textures using the other fabulous products sold by Whole
    Foods. I have 4b 4c hair very thick and coarse Id love to see a video with
    a model of that texture.

  5. I do not see what people are complaining about so much with this video…
    This stylist was professional, insightful, and very helpful. She knew what
    she was doing and the end style is a perfect one for those who are
    transitioning. Please continue to upload more videos of this nature, as
    they assist in informing us about a) what products whole foods has to offer
    and b) how to use them. Relax everybody!

  6. I think this video is EXCELLENT. There are MANY techniques when doing
    natural Black hair – there are so many different textures – that different
    things work for different hair types. This is a GREAT video showing a
    certain technique that WILL benefits thousands of women. The tutorial is
    simple and easy to follow, and makes the natural hair process look easy and
    inviting. GREAT VIDEO Wholefoods!!! Make more! :-)

  7. Actually– that’s kind of cute and a very interesting technique. It looks
    time consuming, but I bet a fully natural head could extend that style
    1-1.5 weeks, especially is one doesn’t mind frizz. One could even pin the
    sides back for a slight faux-hawk. Nice video.

  8. I love the video and I don’t mind the hair style believe me I understand
    working with two different hair textures on your head. Only one thing
    bugged me and that was when she said to comb the hair from the roots to the
    ends…NEVER lol all of us naturals know thats a big no no and a great way
    to cause knots and pull out hair start from the ends and then work your way
    up to the roots.

  9. She is beautiful and so is her hair! The fact that a white woman did it it
    doesn’t make it bad. Don’t hate!

  10. Although the finished hairstyle looked kind of weird, I think that’s only
    because she’s still transitioning. The natural hair (closer to her scalp)
    looked full and VERY cute. It was the hair nearest the bottom (the permed
    ends) that turned out scraggly and weird. But again, she’s transitioning,
    so that’s to be expected when trying to balance those 2 textures. I big
    chopped 4 years ago (so I’m all natural) and will be trying this technique
    for my Christmas hair. Thanks for the video! It was professional,
    informative, and elegant.

  11. Okay…..I’m very disappointed!!!!! Her hair should not be crunchy. As a
    woman of color, all she needed you to do was bantu knot, flat twist, plait,
    braid down and etc. Her hair should not be crunchy. Those curls look fake
    and horrific.

  12. I came looking for product (have been natural for 2 years now) . I didnt
    find any product but I found this video very informative and kind of wishes
    it was around when i was transitioning lol. 

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  14. I thought it came out cute! Its a good style for people thats in transition
    to natural hair. 

  15. She looked so beautiful at the end, that’s my opinion it looked messy but
    ok in a really pretty way! (*^o^*)

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