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14 thoughts on “How To Co Wash 4C Hair & Natural Hair Growth Tips

  1. My hair gets tangled when I wear it out. It’s very frustrating. What’s the
    use in going natural when my hair tangles at a blink of an eye? Ok I’m
    obviously exaggerating but my tangles are no joke. 

  2. I wear braids under my wigs while my hair is growing out. I typically take
    them out after a month and then wash my hair. When detangling my hair I get
    so frustrated because my hair has tons on knots. I use water, Shea moisture
    Shea butter detangler and a wide tooth comb but still have trouble
    detangling.it’s nice wearing protective styles months at a time but I’m
    beginning to wonder if the hair loss I experience is typical shedding or
    hair breakage. Any suggestions??

  3. So the conditioner that you applied before detangling is all you need? You
    just massage that into your scalp after detangling and then rinse it out?

  4. Can you please give a step by step on how to cornrow your hair in the back
    of your head going up to the center of your head. I cant seem to get the
    fingering together. 

  5. How to #CoWash #4CHair and #NaturalHair Growth Tips via @BreannaRutter.
    #TeamNatural #KinkyHair #WashAndGo | How To Co Wash 4C Hair & Natural Hair
    Growth Tips

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