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25 thoughts on “How To Braid Out Method 101 “Natural Hair”

  1. Now I see the difference between 4a and 4b…
    It’s the not size of the curls, but the amount of definition.
    As naptural85 detangled a section of her hair, you can see that a lot of
    her hair is still quite defined and some of the coiles on her ends stayed.
    If I did the same, my hair still would have been a big ball of fluff after
    a few comb throughs…
    Yep. I’m definitely 4b…

  2. Love the video! But after you take the braids out how do you do your hair
    at night. Do you re braid the hair again the same way? Like every night You
    rebraid them then put the silk cap on?

  3. I actually love braid outs even though they are a bit more work. I think
    it’s because it allows me to see more length. Once my hair is as long as
    yours curly maybe I’ll love twist outs? lol

  4. Any tips to prevent breakage while doing these styles? That seems to be
    the problem for me when I do braid outs :(

  5. This is so beautiful. I will be trying this. Wish me luck. I don’t
    braid to well. I am gonna try again. 

  6. I usually wash my hair on Friday night or Saturday. I wear my braids all
    day the next day and wear a hat if I go out. I like to take by braids out
    on sunday nights and secure in a satin scarf. This makes my monday mornings
    go much faster!

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