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25 thoughts on “How To Blowdry Black Hair Fast! My Natural 4c Bonnet Hair Blow Dryer Product Review

  1. Ice always wanted to try one of these but I’ve been too scared it’ll burn
    out my dryer by keeping it on for too long. .
    Do you find any issues with your dryer?

  2. +Breanna Rutter do you know if it would work for long hair?? ay hair is not
    that curly, but i think maybe it would help to make my curls curlier.. :)

  3. Just picked this up today at my local beauty supply in Toronto for
    12dollars ! I’m so excited to try it with my flexi rods !!!

  4. Thank you. Thank you. Followed your link below and just purchase one of
    those on Amazon.

  5. Ohhh, wow!!! I’ve been hooking my dryer up to a trash bag!!! LOL! This
    is such a cool idea!

  6. I think this would also be good for deep conditioning? So exciting! Thank
    you for this! 

  7. You are such a beautiful being. God bless you for sharing your knowledge
    and gift. 

  8. What a coincidence, just ordered one today for deep conditioning. Looking
    forward to receiving it.

  9. i like this but i will say i liked when your videos was more real and not
    scripted. just being honest with you its more personal that way and i like
    when i see you tubers do that, like when you shared your hair struggles
    with Alopicia, i loved that because i could relate to your struggles and it
    helped me with mine 

  10. I have a black one fRom don’t know how long I’ve had it….lol. Maybe
    almost 20 yrs..
    They used sell them in your basic beauty supply stores. …
    BTW. . Your have is healthy & growing!
    Happy Holidays♥

  11. I remember my mom had one of those a long time ago. Lol I forgot all about
    it. I’ll have to get one 

  12. I’m in cosmetology school and it never takes me any longer then 20-30 mins
    to blow dry my natural very thick hair 

  13. Hey, Breanna. Thank you for sharing. This is pretty cool! Also, you touched
    on wondering how women with long natural hair deal with drying. Well, from
    my experience, I’ve noticed that I have adapted by leaving my set style
    (Example: flat twists) in for longer than one night. I have sometimes
    extended it to two days over the weekend or even more than that because it
    doesn’t really bother me. I like to call the extended style “Phase 1”. 🙂 I
    will keep this product in mind when I plan to do a style that I know will
    take to long to dry when I only have a short amount of time. Thank you!

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