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25 thoughts on “How To : 2 Easy Cute Quick Curly Hairstyles Tutorial : Natural Hairstyle : Twist – Side Hair Style :

  1. I am glad to hear you found my videos simple and easy to follow. I will try
    to come up with more curly hair videos for you. Thanks for watching 😀 xoxo

  2. You should really do tutorials on your makeup! 😀 and outfit of the day
    videos. Bc it looks like you have a pretty good camera and from what I can
    tell your outfits are cute!

  3. your very pretty and i did’t know how to deal with my curly hair till i use
    stuff u use to tell truth everybody say me and u look like twins i’m 12 you
    can be a professional hair teacher

  4. Thanks, I’m a guy and my little 6 year-old girl’s is gonna go crazy when I
    do these styles for her. Mommies gonna get jealous ! 🙂

  5. Are you mixed cause your hair is like mine long and curly but my hair is so
    curly it’s hard to do things with it thanks for the video

  6. very cute styles i will have to try.is your entire hair wet while doing the
    styles or just the part you use to do the styles?

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