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25 thoughts on “How I Prepare for Protective Styling

  1. What type of natural hair are you? Such as 3a 3b 3c 4a 4b 4c… Thanks. .
    Great video btw

  2. I laughed at the faces you made lol. I’m sure that’s exactly how I look
    when I’m doing my hair :)

  3. Hey i have been a subbie on your yt for a while and was really hoping and
    wondering would you ever do hair growth videos on how to grow hair as
    beautiful and long as yours :)

  4. You’ve inspired me to stick with protective styling! Your hair is
    beautiful!! Xo 

  5. I washed my hair the exact way you did and this was the first time since I
    have been natural where I didn’t loose much hair at all. Thanks for the
    upload such a big help :)

  6. When she took down that little bantu knot in the beginning, I wasn’t
    expecting that lol. You have lovely hair! Can’t wait til my hair gets that
    long. New Subbie <3

  7. Man your hair is amazing… I’m a single father trying to learn to manage
    my two year olds hair, I really want my daughter to grow up nurturing and
    loving her natural hair just as you do… I could use all the tips I can

  8. Can you please do a video on some hair growth tips or a tutorial on your
    hair regimen 

  9. wow you hair is crazy long. I have never seen any one with my color to have
    hair that is long and beautiful like yours. Let me guess, you have never
    had a relaxer. I wish my hair was long like yours. sigh

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