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25 thoughts on “How I Maintain my Straightened Natural Hair & Length Preview

  1. You looked just like one of those mall mannequins or one of the ones that
    advertise hair especially when you were brushing down ur wrap! 

  2. Your hair so GORGEOUS!! Looks just like mine when it is
    flat-ironed….seriously looks like it. The person who did your hair did an
    awesome job too!!

  3. Your whole “look”, looks beautiful. The dress your makeup and hair go
    perfect. Classic beauty!

  4. Very, very nice video! What product(s) did your beautician use on it to
    keep the hair straight? Was it something with silicone to keep it from
    reverting? Was it rollerset? Or blow dried?And, what are you using to
    moisturize to keep the hair from reverting? THX

  5. waoooooooo ur hair is amazing i want mine fast i been natural for 9 months
    and i just wanna that my hair grouth fast but u know ,,any product that
    help i live in dominican rep

  6. Your Stylist only flatiron service collar bone length hair at min. thats
    unfortunate. 🙁 nevertheless your hair looks healthy n beautiful. love
    that its bouncy, airy. doesn’t look like everybody else’s hair here in
    Houston. the standard too long, stiff sew in, too wide part style. 

  7. looks like mine when its straighten. I know people accuse you of getting a
    relaxer like they do me haha

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