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23 thoughts on “How I Grew My Natural Hair | Length Retention – SimplYounique

  1. Great tips! I wet my hair daily! I and lightly condition it every other
    day with Hawaiian Silky or Argon Oil! I do wear protective styles with
    wigs! I don’t sleep in them nor sew them to head. I take them off every
    night! 🙂 

  2. How do you get your hair to curl like that? It’s beautiful! I’m
    transitioning from relaxed hair to natural, but I didn’t want to do the big
    chop like everyone else is doing, It’s been a year since I’ve relaxed my
    hair, but I’m praying I can get it to where your hair is.

  3. I only use heat one to two times a month but what’s crazy is I have way
    more breakage when I’m naturally curly then when my hair is straight
    although I prefer straight hair over my curls I always wondered why my hair
    tangles Even after detangled throughout the week with my curls but when I’m
    straight I have little to no breakage its weird even when I do braid outs
    so I just keep it straight and retain my length way more than when I go

  4. I’ve just recently decided to go natural and i want to transition by
    braiding, by any chance do you have any tips or a video on how to condition
    or treat your hair while braided or in a protective style? Also how long
    should you keep your hair braided or what would you recommend?

  5. Lol I absolutely HATE wearing protective styles. Im always on the go and at
    night I pass out. I am the queen of wash and gos.I do it all in the shower
    (even the moisturizing).Shake it, then I clip my bangs bk and im out. I
    comb my hair 1-2 times a week and finger detangle when necessary.

  6. Since I was a child my hair got stuck at about 15 inches on the crown, 12
    inches at the back. Due to having severe allergies I’ve been unable to use
    shampoos and conditioners since I was 12. I did get some mediated stuff
    doc recommended which smells awful and leaves my hair looking like dry
    straw. I decided to stop using it. I’m now left with using water and
    vinegar. I’d sometimes used coconut oil so I increased the use. I also
    included olive oil and almond oil in winter. What I’ve found out recently
    is that I can deep condition with just yogurt or pureed banana or coconut
    milk. I did a patch test with henna so I could try a henna glaze. Luckily
    I’m not allergic to it so I’ve had henna. Now for the first time in a long
    while I’m retaining length. After 3 months of deep conditioning once a
    week and a henna glaze. I’ve got to 18 inches on my crown.

  7. I know I’m off subject but girl you have the nicest best looking eyebrows!
    And thanks for these videos. They’re great

  8. I like spritzing with water and a leave-in too! A hairdresser told me not
    to, so I am glad someone else thinks this is a good technique. 

  9. I loved what you had to say and I particularly lovd the way you look during
    the protective HS 3.38sec…gorgeous!

  10. So my protective style is braids and i wear weave over them so i cant get
    to my hair untill i take the weave out but when i do i wash and deep
    condition and braid it back up. Is that good or should i try wigs to
    moisturize my hair more often?

  11. hello dear we are the hair salers from China . we saw your vids . that is
    great . we want some do some vids for us . then we will pay that . if you
    want. pls reply to us ASAP.thank you very much 

  12. I agree with everything you’ve said here and your face, hair and
    personality go hand -and-hand… You’re beautiful! God bless!

  13. Thank you for this most educational and informative presentation. I love
    your delivery and you touched on every point that is essential for both
    hair growth and hair health. I’ve been natural for almost two years and
    have never felt so liberated and free!

  14. You look absolutely beautiful, your video was very helpful and I also am in
    a natural hair journey I can’t even remember the last time I had a relaxer.
    I just get braids in my hair and fully closed head weaves. I’m definitely
    looking forward to growing my hair and seeing a change from helpful tips of
    your video! Thanks! 

  15. I had a relaxer put on my hair back in July but I also got my hair cut into
    a mohawk style…the style only lasted a month because I kept cutting my
    hair shorter and shorter til I finally shaved my hair down with clippers…
    just recently I went ahead and big chopped my hair (3 days ago) I actually
    love my hair like this… but I don’t knw exactly in what order I’m
    supposed to care for my hair…. I plan on co washing today… I washed my
    hair the day I cut it off… can I use cantu shea butter conditioner.. pink
    lotion… and the eco styler gel alone and keep doing that or what….
    please help! 

  16. Eating healthy and juicing your greens helps too! You can fix your hair
    from the inside out. 😉 Works for me.

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