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25 thoughts on “How I Get My Natural Hair Silky Straight

  1. Doesn’t it come out straight if you don’t use a comb? I didn’t get that
    part. I mean, I heard you say the chaser method…? I couldn’t quite
    catch it sorry. But yeah, can you explain the comb/flat iron thing again,

  2. I’m feel happier when people use all the products I have. I swear some
    people use all this exotic shit sometimes and I don’t feel like buying all
    that mess.

  3. Just subbed. Great video for curly girls 🙂 I know some people spray heat
    protectant on wet hair first. Do you find there to be a difference? 

  4. You’re so prettyyyy. We have the exact same hair and I have breakage as
    well due to attempting to comb it while its wet (worst mistake) and I also
    have some heat damage in the front instead of taking the time to learn how
    to wrap my hair in order to make it last longer. Thanks for this video 🙂 I
    will be a big help

  5. You have really nice boobies like really really nice, not gay but I have to
    say I was just staring, I have no idea how you flat iron your hair.

  6. I have a cheer competition this week and my hair is like yours but I use
    natural shampoo and condition to wash my hair. Also I don’t have heat
    control, but have the same hair dryer? Anything I can use to replace the
    heat control?

  7. Thanks girl, this totally worked on my hair, it’s bone straight now. The
    only the thing I didn’t like was the sizzling sound my hair made at the
    high temp.

  8. Just subbed and I wanted to know if u can do a video explaining how u grew
    your hair so long and pretty and why do u wear a weave

  9. You’re mega pretty. And I’m not just saying that because of your hair.
    You’re just all around pretty. 

  10. Can you do a video showing what you do with your natural hair when you put
    wigs and stuff on. I have the same type hair and when I try to make wigs
    and put them on it’s lumpy because of my braid pattern HELP

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