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25 thoughts on “How I Get My Hair To Grow So Fast

  1. My hair grows so fast to the point it’s annoying. It grows about 2 inches a
    month sometimes more. It’s currently down to my butt, and it’s EXTREMELY
    THICK! It’s so hard to do anything with it. Trust me, for everyone wanting
    big thick hair, be ready to NOT be able to put it in braids, NOT be able to
    straighten it without burning it to death, BE READY TO NOT A ABLE TO DO
    THINGS EVERYONE ELSE CAN. My hair weighs so much when it’s wet I have to
    lay down or I could seriously injure my neck… Which I have. It’s causing
    me neck and back problems, and I’m only 15! People with normal hair, be
    happy with it, because thick wavy hair is a nightmare. Takes about 12 hours
    for it to fully dry.

  2. If I have my hair straightened will it grow faster than when I have it
    curly?? Because then it doesn’t have to do the curl pattern when it
    grows…. Or will having it straightened just make it more visible to see
    how much it’s growing?? xx

  3. You are able to regrow your thinning hair or cure your baldness completely
    by prevent the creation of Dihydrotestosterone (the hormone which cause

  4. i like the idea of that red /pink and purple in your hair when people do it
    here they look like a skittles bag busted on their head, but yours i like.

  5. Take Biotin! I was debating if i should or not and I finally got it and I
    took it for a week and my hair grew a whole inch! I couldn’t believe it!
    I’ve also started massaging my scalp the same time i started taking biotin
    and I can’t believe how much it has helped. Don’t worry about breaking out
    because it’s actually supposed to help acne. I’m not good at drinking water
    either and I haven’t seen any signs of breaking out. It’s actually helping
    my acne! It really is like a bottled miracle!

  6. What hair dye did you use to get that red color ? I love it i just did a
    strip of red in my hair & thought the color was decent but it didnt come
    out as good as what youve got going on there. Please let me know! (:

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