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25 thoughts on “Healthy & Natural Curly Hair Care + Tips!

  1. +Rashard Dobbins Youtube will not allow me to reply to you directly, so
    hopefully you see this. Thank you! I use a Canon t3i camera :)

  2. +Tashira Santiago Youtube will not allow me to reply to you directly, so
    hopefully you see this. You are most likely suffering from heat damage.
    Once hair has endured heat it will NEVER be the same, its impossible. The
    only way to get rid of heat damage is to cut it off so your new virgin hair
    can grow in. Just follow all these tips and trim your hair every few months
    to get rid of the damage, most importantly, stop heat styling or it will be
    a never ending cycle of damage. 

  3. +bryanna carson thats the point of this video 🙂 to show you how to get
    defined curls, so just follow ALL the tips I offer in this video

  4. As a guy with curly hair I’ve never really taken an interest of my hair. I
    just use shampoo and maybe conditioner but at my last haircut my barber
    pointed out that my hair is weak and thats why it looks so brushy. I
    figured it was just because its curly. Now it started to really annoy me
    the shape of my hair is fine but there are these single hairs just sticking
    out everywhere and i have no idea how to stop it. I’d really appretiate
    some help. 

  5. What lense do you use on your canon t3i, because like I have the same
    camera but my quality isnt as good as yours?? And OMG thank you, my hair is
    naturally curly and I HATED IT!! but you inspired me to go naturual.. my
    mom doesnt understand that if I straighten my hair everyday itll get heat
    damaged and she says if I wear my hair curly itll be very dry because of
    wetting it everyday.. idk now what should I do?? Wear it natrual or

  6. +Amy Perez Youtube will not allow me to reply to you directly, so hopefully
    you see this. Diffusing your hair is still using heat and it will
    definitely cause heat damage, which is counterproductive if you want
    healthy curls. If you want to keep diffusing I recommend you use the cold
    setting that blows cold air instead of hot so you dont get heat damage.
    Cold air also promotes more shine 🙂 If your blow drier does not have a
    cold setting buy one that does 🙂 

  7. Your hair is waaaay to pretty, im jealous. I used to have pretty curly hair
    but it got wavy/straight when i went to my teens. Im 15 now and grew out my
    hair so its to heavy to even see waves haha.

  8. +Dtrix isHot Youtube will not allow me to reply to you directly, so
    hopefully you see this. You can definitely just co-wash, but silicones are
    not water soluble and they will build up on your hair so then youll need to
    use sulfate shampoo to get rid of it but sulfates dry out hair, so
    silicones and sulfates are a bad cycle. There are two kinds of silicones,
    water soluble and water insoluble. Since you cannot find silicone free
    products where you live you can look at the ingredients and try to find
    products with silicones that are water soluble. Water soluble silicones
    begin with the prefix PEG-. For example, the ingredients would like:

    Aqua (water), olive oil, jojoba oil, PEG-dimethicone,etc.

    And for a product with water INSOLUBLE silicones, the ingredients would
    look like this:

    Aqua (water), olive oil, jojoba oil, dimethicone, etc.

    It is missing the prefix PEG-

    You can also always show online! This online store is completely reliable
    and with all natural products! http://www.curlmart.com/ 

  9. omfg like u have give me advices that i neverr though it had anything to do
    with hair like the pillow so thank you so much im definatly going to do

  10. Can you give us an advice for the humidity outside when it’s winter or even
    fall. How can we prtotect our hair a maximum against those frizz ?

  11. im 14 and i just realized (like 1 month ago) how curly my hair can get. but
    i used brush through it everyday becuase it look more frizzy than curly.
    but it wasn’t until recently that my friend (with naturally curly hair)
    told me that not blowdrying would help. and it did, but my hair still was
    pretty frizzy. im so happy i found you and i cant wait to try out your tips

  12. +Veronica Franklin Youtube will not allow me to reply to you directly, so
    hopefully you see this. In general, avoid sulfates, silicones, alcohols,
    mineral oil, petrolatum and waxes. A great brand that avoids all these
    things is Shea Moisture! They have a huge line of all natural shampoos,
    conditioners, and styling products!

  13. Hi Sweetheart:)

    I have #ditto hair like yours! Loved the tips, gonna follow the night one,
    will let ya know how I felt.

    #StayHappy #StayBlessed


  14. wow! it’s only been two days, but my hair looks soooo much better!!! love
    my curls now! no more straightening!! I’ve had several compliments from
    friends and even strangers about how much they like my hair! thank you
    thank you thank you!! God bless (love the video where you almost said “in
    Jesus name” at the end of your video lol)

  15. Omg I didn’t know this about shampoos! My hair is very frizzy and I
    straightened it for 2 years! Do you put moose on it? I love your hair btw! 

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