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24 thoughts on “Hair Update + July 2014 Favorites | Brandilovesbeauty

  1. Ahhh! I love your hair Brandi!!! You look stunning! I keep wanting that
    mango butter!!! 

  2. I love how fun your hair looks!! And your eyes are so electrifying!! You
    look beautiful! Miss you!!

  3. That’s a fun color for the hair! I can definitely understand you feeling a
    little strange since we are not used to hair that light. I need to try the
    Olay moisturizer and the sleek blush!

  4. Wow It came out beautiful! I love the blonde ❤️ Curly or straight it is

  5. Your skin is looking beautiful! So is your makeup! I need to get serious
    about skincare again so I’ll check out some of your skincare faves!

  6. Your hair is gorgeous hun! I’m the same about dairy, I have to watch out!
    haha But I am lactose too sooo yea..the Body Shop mango scrub is also
    amazing too! Estee Lauder foundation is one of my loves too for my skin!

  7. I really like your hair! I definitely feel you on the hair color change. I
    added blonde, then went to red, and then back to black. I’m really
    indecisive and couldn’t decide what I liked most. Anyways, I enjoyed
    watching your favorites! :)

  8. I’m sad amber diamond is discontinued :/ but great favorites! I will have
    to try that sleek blush.

  9. Wet N Wild has a good mascara for bottom lashes, I’m NOT a fan of their
    mascaras but I do buy this particular one solely for the bottom lashes, it
    has a nice skinny wand for there. It’s the one in the skinny purple tube, I
    think it’s called #MegaLength if you’re interested.

  10. I like the dark hair better on you .. But you honestly look good anyway
    doesn’t matter what your hair looks like lol

  11. I really like your hair color. The Double-Wear is next on my
    foundations-I-must-buy list lol, My Mom’s used it forever and uses nothing
    else. I’ll probably try it nearer Fall-Winter …when I get through all my
    open ones >.<

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