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25 thoughts on “Hair Type (Part 2/3) – Green Beauty Complete Hair Typing System

  1. Best hair typing system around…. very helpful and informative. Must
    watch….mythbusting black hair

  2. YES! Porosity is the single most important factor that helped me with my
    hair. If you feel your doing everything right but not seeing results and
    your hair never feels fully moisturized please look into porosity. I’m so
    glad its being talked about more.

  3. I’m something between 3A and 3B..but my haairstraw didnt look like
    that..the curl was having its own shape XD lol ..don’t know if that made

  4. I appreciate this video soooo much, I just learned that I probably have a
    combination of I and O based on how my hair waves when up in a ponytail.
    This is so informative , thanks a lot.

  5. on the andrew walker test i am a 4c, high porosity, needle width strands,
    thickness i don’t know because i am transition from relaxed hair to my
    natural hair and my ponytail is relatively thin

  6. What would you recommend for someone who have to different hair
    porosity. My crown has a high porosity and the rest of hair is low. 

  7. I’ve never seen anyone with the “L” pattern, it looks like it would feel
    rough to the touch. 

  8. On that Andrew Walker test I’m a 3b-3c and on your test, I’m an S pattern
    curls, with some O’s mixed in, low to medium porosity and loose texture and
    medium density hair. My hair is naturally medium-dark brown so I couldn’t
    tell you what the thickness is easily….this is an amazing video!!! :)

  9. lol Now that you know, you have the information you need to start taking
    care of your hair the right way, so you can reach your hair goals.

  10. It’s true, Pretty Girls Rock. But Pretty, Intelligent Girls RULE. Keep up
    the good work and thanks for the info.

  11. Hello AfroQueen. There are so many great books out there that are packed
    with very helpful information. (1/2) But, the ones that comes to mind are
    Ultra Black Hair Growth II by Cathy Howse (this book is actually where
    KimmayTube got the idea for her leave in recipe), The Science of Black Hair
    by Audrey Davis (this is a great book to refer to for answering or
    clarifying on almost any questions you many have on hair in general)

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