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20 thoughts on “Hair Tutorial: How to color natural hair with Kiyah Wright

  1. hello, im also natural i have kinky black hair i want to lighten it to
    brown, what would you suggest

  2. How would you suggest keeping up with colored relaxed hair? I really want
    to color my hair but not loose it’s health and strength. Any suggestions?

  3. I am scared of heat with natural hair. Can this look be acheived without
    heat and without hair sprays which contain alcohol?

  4. Great video! Question: Kiyah I am starting to get gray strands especially
    at the crown of my hair. I’ve been plucking them bc I don’t want to color
    my hair. What products are best for covering stubborn grays? Should I do a
    semi permanent color? I have natural very thick dark brown hair.

  5. i have natural hair like heather what steps did u use did mix the soy4Plex
    pure developer in the liquid color or not

  6. I love all of your videos. You are truly blessed with soo much talent!!! I
    am hoping to be a celebrity hair stylist one day and have products. Could
    you do a video on what steps you took to be where you are now?

  7. A semi permanent is great…For dark brown natural hair I recommend Clairol
    Professional Creme Permanete 4NN

  8. yes ma’am. She looks great kiyah. I live for the double strain twist
    technique.. your so dope and keep on inspiring.. xoxo Squalie

  9. Hi Kiya i honestly hope u still check comments on this vid cause i wanted
    to kno what was the mixture that you brushed on to her hair, how long did
    that sit?? PLEASE REPLY

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