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25 thoughts on “Hair Tutorial: EASY Double-Rope Updo with Kankekalon Jumbo Braid

  1. Wow, this style is soo cute and edgy!!! I love it, I will be biting this
    style soon. Btw: You are super gorgeous!!!

  2. You did an awesome job teaching your technique…this style you’ve achieved
    is beautiful! Thanks so much…you have inspired me!

  3. Love it… my bday is coming up.. and this is a simple and affordable
    technique that I will most def’ try.. thanks for the tutorial

  4. Hey, I love LOVE love this video
    I was wondering can you do this
    Style with short hair I recently cut my hair
    And its growing back and everyone is like
    Do protective styles to keep it grow & I really
    Love this one you did a GREAT job

  5. Very nice style. I am going to probably wear this in a couple of days. I
    would like to share that I attach synthetic hair from the back, bring both
    sides to the front and tie. I found this out one day when I lost all of my
    ponytail holders. (smile) Take care. 

  6. I absolutely loved this tutorial! Something quick and easy with a sassy
    result! I will definitely be playing in my hair this week and try this. I’m
    going through my transition to stay away from relaxers and give my natural
    hair a chance. I think this will help and I won’t have to keep braiding my
    hair so much. I’m glad I found your channel! 

  7. Omg I’ve always wondered how this style was done. Thank you for the
    tutorial. Definitely my next style.

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