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25 thoughts on “Hair COLOR Vlog, Pros & Cons, My Experience ( Type 4 Hair)

  1. I don’t know if you’ve tried Revlon’s Colorsilk hair color, but I love that
    line! It is ammonia-free, which is usually a good thing. I recently colored
    my hair a deep burgundy color using that line and my hair does not feel dry
    at all. Perhaps, it is because it is ammonia-free. I almost dyed my hair a
    medium chestnut brown, but I decided to go for a deep burgundy this time
    around. Keep us updated if you decide to try a different hair color brand
    next time around. : )

  2. I love this color on you! It’s dope. I haven’t colored my hair in years
    mainly do to the dryness you mentioned. I didn’t have much of a “routine”
    back then… I’ve just been sticking with the henna…. But you are owning
    the cut and color! 

  3. Use Dark and Lovely next time. It leaves your hair so soft and the condi in
    the package is the bomb. Love the colour though sis!

  4. I had a similar color in my hair but idk, maybe I just didn’t fully
    understand “coloring” because I find that my hair — the color part– is
    very dry.. so it’s pretty annoying. The color is nice but I’m just over it

  5. That’s the color I wanted….I left it at the meat market….came home and
    used some Dark & Lovely honey blonde I had there. My hair is jet black so
    it came out brownish. I was able to get the color that I forgot at the
    market so I’ll put it in once my color grows out. 

  6. Hi! New Subbie here:) I love this color and look on you. I’ve only been
    natural for a year and about 7 months. I recently had my hair colored a
    copperish- red color and love it ! I also colored my hair about 8 months
    into my transitioning. I concur on the DC treatments. I plan to alternate
    weekly between a protein filled DC and a moisturizing / hydrating DC. I
    appreciate your candid review on coloring. One thing I love about color as
    a pretty newly natural is being able to see the growth better. That, and
    color adds that bit of pizazz to the look!

  7. I’ve colored my hair and it felt completely different. Before coloring I
    had moisturizing down pat didn’t have to worry bout that. It’s been 2
    months since I’ve had the color in and my hair is almost back to normal.
    Now I keep it in twists. I realize that suddenly a twist out didn’t really
    work on my colored hair Idk why… But however I could use ecostyler gel
    and it would make my hair curly. I found that I could do wash n go using
    gel which I really couldn’t do before my hair was colored. There’s pros n

  8. Ahhhh plum I just died thinking of that color on you. Yes plum Or or that
    burgundy with a lil red a lil purple. Yay Xoxo 

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