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25 thoughts on “Grow Longer Hair With Dominican Hair Products /Black Girls Can Grow Long Hair

  1. This product is amazing! A lot of black girls that come to my sister’s hair
    salon loves this products from my country.. it does wonders.

  2. The reason their hair is so similar to ours is because majority of
    Dominican republic is of African descent. 

  3. I want to try this product as well I have the silicon mix bamboo and it
    really leaves my hair so soft but once I’m out I am going to order this one
    and try it your hair looks very healthy although I do have a relaxer but I
    want my hair to grow longer thank you so much for the review

  4. Trust this lady. She is right, I used that hair produt and it worked. I’m
    Dominican and I bought in dominican republic and it works great.

  5. Don’t believe what everyone say and do your own research on that
    misconception there is about some Dominican being racist…I went to the
    Dominican Republic for the first time ever and I witnessed all the opposite
    of what some ppl say about that…They mad real n thats somthing I really
    admire from them..theres racism everywhere or do we really have to go there
    america??? theres alot of racism in America too. Too too much

  6. 75% of the Dominican Republic is of African descent. Majority are black but
    won’t admit it due to self hate issues. 

  7. Not all Dominicans are black or have curly hair lol. Blacks have black hair
    and curly hair. Most of us have mixed hair, It’s called good genetics. The
    Blacks in Dominican Republic have black hair, don’t get the two confused.

  8. @joive maybe you love yourself and the variety of complexion, but many,
    many, Dominicans do not.Surely you have observed this diaease.

  9. Everyone in the United States is of a mixed race some people are so mean.

  10. Im gunna try thut my hair is starting to grow now n I always c thut crece
    pelo thingy on tv chermercial tks fo the tip n ur hair looks nice 

  11. I’m black and dominican and proud of both sides of my family tree i love
    love love domincan hair products and i love going to the dominican salons.
    I had to cut back because the amount of heat used. 

  12. Hi sweety can u tell me how often do u use the crece pelo because I just
    got mine, do u use everytime u wash ur hair

  13. I just purchased the Kanechom and silicon mix and I’m excited to try that.
    I think I may purchase the Crece Pelo as well. I used to use a Domincan
    goat’s milk deep conditioner and I loved it.

    I’m Haitian and when you said your name, I was like is she Haitian? lol =]

    Thanks for sharing!!!!

  14. What Dominican products would you recommend for a natural wash and go?

  15. Thank you for your video! I sent for Silicon mix and I am waiting for it
    to arrive. I am going to try the Crece Pelo! Sounds intriguing! 

  16. Hair like us??? We black baby… It’s all a misconception… Im full
    blooded Dominican w kinky hair..thinking going natural

  17. Question: I henna my hair once a month–can I still use these products?

  18. Yes! I’ve been natural for 2 years after putting heat & color in my hair.
    After I cut it I did not put heat & only used natural products. Smh what a
    waste none of that ish moisturizes my hair & my hair much more manageable
    with the use of heat.
    I used Toque de Magico’s Emergencia 911 yesterday & my hair finally feels
    soft again. I’m going right back to blow outs & DC’s bi weekly I’ll just
    stay away from color

  19. Thank you so much for taking the time to make this video, you are very
    pretty! I will give your first choice a try.

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