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25 thoughts on “Grow Black Hair Long FAST (3+ INCHES IN 7 WEEKS)

  1. I’ve read back as far as 1 year of comments and nowhere do you mention how
    much of each ingredient to use. How is this going to help us? I always had
    long hair and decided to go natural and cut my perm out. My hair is at the
    length where a fro is out of the question. My hair is curly in certain
    spots and wavy in another. I need to speed up the growing process. My hair
    isn’t broken or damaged. So it would be nice if you would answer the
    question asked a thousand times over the last year or two. How much of each
    ingredient do you use?

  2. How can anyone tell how long your hair grew?? All we see are pics ( VERY
    close up) of your hair slicked back. They all look the same. I can’t tell
    between before & after, or if you even HAVE before & after or just after??
    Also, how’s the smell?? I’ve smelled castor oil & I don’t like it. Does the
    smell linger in your hair too?? I hope not. And why are you relaxing your
    hair?? I thouhht you were trying going natural??

  3. I am using Argan life…. I am so happy with this product. It really
    works.Now, my hair is thicker and fuller. I am getting great hair
    growth…I would r ecommend to others who are searching regrowth

  4. I believe PERSIANS have the best hair! I am an Iranian hair stylist and use
    nothing but African products. African products are the best for middle
    Eastern hair. 

  5. This is the worst video ever. It doesn’t give you any information. Nor does
    it show any hair growth.

  6. Middle east is AFRICA. True Africans know this and state this but the ones
    who think their shite is ice cream say middle east. Also my husband is
    asian dark skinned and cant understand why so many people at war over the
    texture of your hair. When God returns, and has kinky hair like mine, will
    that make me more blessed than my husband? Stop all this slavery mentality,
    house slave, field slave. I always hated when black people would compliment
    him on his hair. Where in the bible does it state a texture of hair was
    superior to another? I love my husband not for his hair. Also middle
    eastern people were the leaders in the slave trade, worse than the french,
    british, dutch and americans so never trust these people because they
    continue to deny the truth. Hitler was a lamb compared to these people, and
    since when did turkish people have the best hair? I love my kinky hair but
    when will all this stop. Big lips was a no, no in the 1970 now big lips are
    the in thing. Big bums was a no, no, now a big ass is the in thing. Why do
    cacacians sun tan but hate blacks. Perm their hair but in saying this when
    will blacks be proud of their hair, relaxed or natural? I love my black but
    many dont seem to…

  7. I can’t tell if her hair grown or not from the pictures you didn’t show us
    a length check at all

  8. would it be better to orally consume the biotin pills since hair growth is
    also from the insides?

  9. where are the before and after results of this hair growth? how did you
    make this oil? what was the point of the video? all i saw was pics of your

  10. Can you explain this infusion process please? 🙂 does this mean you just
    put everything together and popped it into the oven? You left the biotin
    tablets whole? 

  11. Was this video made for views only? All that was shown was new growth in
    between relaxers……. 

  12. I received my order expediently. Less than a week is great! Thanks. I
    have a question that I will post to your new site. But one question I have
    that maybe someone else might have is: Is there a particular shelf life to
    Hairdrenalin that people make themselves? I have some that I didn’t
    realize that I still had and it’s over a year old. 

  13. How much cayenne pepper did you use in this formula ?? And was the biotin
    a pill u opened up or a separate powder ? 

  14. Due to a alopecia areata I have been losing my hair slowly for some time. I
    wanted a product that could help make a difference. I’ve been using Argan
    Rain hair products for about a month now and noticing difference. I would
    recommend you visit Argan Rain website

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