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15 thoughts on “Grey Hair | Protective Style by Uniwigs

  1. Love the wig. It is very sexy! What brand of hair paste do you use/ works
    best for your hair?

  2. I wonder if that first wig would look good on me Lol do you have a coupon
    your voice is so soothing and the music btw that hair looks amazing on you!

  3. looks great! i always thought lace front wigs had to be glued down. i’ve
    never had one before, partly because i didn’t like the idea of glue on
    skin. but it looks like you didn’t do that. i need a new wig so maybe i’ll
    check out the lace fronts now.

  4. I was just about to buy this on aliexpress for $40 but I got scared it’s
    cute on you! Great job blending !

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