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25 thoughts on “From Curly to Straight: Straightening my Natural Hair-lovelyanneka

  1. Just wish black women would stop wearing weave and do their on hair. It
    looks better. Just straighten out lol. Why use other people hair if you can
    do your own. But love it on you. look beautiful

  2. Beautiful sista, and your gorgeous hair. I can’t wait until o reach that
    length. I have a long way to go I just decided yesterday to transition from
    relaxer to natural.

  3. You just inspired me to straighten my hair for Christmas, I haven’t done a
    blow out since Oct. 2013 when I wad transitioning so I’m anxious to see how
    long it has grown 

  4. You and your hair are gorgeous. It’s gotten so much longer from when I
    first started watching your videos. Thank you for inspiring my natural hair
    journey in January. Btw, what lipstick are you wearing in this video?

  5. Can you do a tutorial for the hairstyle in this video? It looks beautiful.
    I love the soft wave look.

  6. Your hair looks great and thank you for the tips on straightening! It was
    very helpful!

  7. I love you mixed up accent. Jamaican/British/NYC 😉
    I was born in JA, my dad is in London, I lived in the bx for 20 years, now
    in Boston. 

  8. So everybody just gon act like they can’t tell her hair stiff? Your hair is
    super pretty, but I need help on trying to get my hair to have lots of
    body. When someone else does it, its fine but I’ve never been good with
    straightening my own hair the way I like it done..

  9. Beautiful!!!! What did u do to achieve those curls at the end of the video?
    Btw I love love love your channel. 

  10. hello diva, I watch your video on how to help grow natural hair faster tips
    and products I decided to grow my hair. My hair is short nappy and a little
    thick with some gray hair lol also right now I put a relaxer only on my
    root can u help me. I wrote the list of items that u talk about stony field
    organic plain yogurt, honey etc. can u tell me step by step what to put in
    my hair . thank u

  11. Anneka…wish I had jotted down these products. I got my hair starighted by
    someone who claimed they were using heated protection products. Well my
    hair came out flawless but, it WONT REVERT BACK… My twist won’t twist and
    my curl pattern is gone. Can you lend any advice on how to get my hair
    back? +lovelyanneka 

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