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25 thoughts on “Flat Twist Updo

  1. So, you started off isolating the mohawk section first! Excellent! The
    style came out beautiful!

  2. Love YOUR hair! That cut is everything! And I see u know bout that K. Jo!
    LOL great video great stylist.

  3. I live this hair style, you worked that for real. I could use a hair style
    like this for my morning’s through the week cause my hair be shit lol. You
    did this though. Awesome job with two thumbs up.

  4. I’m loving the screen name, the music and the hair style!!! I wish I could
    see the middle being twisted up a bit better, though. I’ve got to try
    this! Thanks!!! Be blessed!

  5. Damn this was gorgeous. I loved how soft and healthy her hair looked, Like
    cotton. I’m really thinking about trying something like this on my hair. 

  6. I would like to make an appointment…Im in the H…are you still at this
    location? +touchofheaven2006 

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