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25 thoughts on “FAMILY VLOG part four | TAYLOR’S WASH DAY & BUN (Natural Kids)

  1. OMG!! This was the cutest. I love that you involve your girls in the
    process. Taylor is definitely a mini version of you. Super cute and you
    always come up with the cutest hairstyles for her and Skylar. 

  2. More vlogs for you! Well this is actually a tutorial of me doing Taylor’s
    hair. #naturalkids

  3. Thanks for the tutorial Taylor. U were awesome !! “It gives you slip ”
    awwwwwwww lol. Where can i get CD4k, target ?

  4. Your girls are really growing up. Taylor’s hair has really grown and is
    sooo healthy.

  5. So adorable, soon she’ll be washing her on hair. Passing the torch. Natural
    kids rock 

  6. I’m so loving the way your girls are loving their hair. . Thanks for
    inspiring them to love everything about themselves-From head to toe!!.
    Amazing job Yolanda and Devon

  7. ‘Sooooo amazing!’ That was beyond,great job Taylor! Its like u left her to
    the dang thing. Go Taylor! 

  8. Hey Yolanda! I love your artwork and am wanting to know if you or another
    graphic designer you know makes logos? Im starting my own business and
    website and need a gorgeous logo to go with the concept. Thank you!

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