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25 thoughts on “Evening Makeup Tutorial | Night Owl Makeupkit by Real Techniques

  1. I just have one concern, won’t the gel liner go dry after a short while
    because its not covered? I love the look and the palette, i hope i can get
    one soon, especially now that you ship world wide. Yey!

  2. This is only meant as constructive criticism and I think this all looks
    like great make up but I don’t like the packaging! I think it puts me off
    buying it because it looks like the sort of set I’d get when I was young
    getting my first make up, I like my make up to feel luxury and glam, hope
    this helps if you bring out any more make up products!

  3. Is that mascara the Charlotte Tilbury one (full fat lashes) ?? It seems
    very similar… 😉 BTW I love that mascara and your look!!!

  4. Omg I want those both soo badly!! Xx 🙂 also just a suggestion for a real
    techniques fan brush and a brush concealer brush! X love you guys! Thanks
    xxx :D

  5. Just used them for the Night Owl Palette for the first time tonight;
    everything is great except I didn’t have much success with the gel liner. I
    ended up finishing the look with another liner. Perhaps I just need more

  6. Gorgeous looks!I’m absolutely delighted you have gone into developing
    makeup and the price is reasonable.I was just wondering what colour the
    purple would be as a dupe for mac,so I had an idea as to the tone before
    purchasing?Thanks so much and once again congrats!

  7. Bought this pallet and its great 🙂 love the colours. Did this tutorial for
    my job interview

  8. I’m sorry but the packaging is so cheap and tacky! It looks like one of
    those cheap kits you buy for 10 yr old girls? I genuinely thought this was
    a joke when I saw it on Instagram. 

  9. Love it Nic! I still can’t believe I met you guys!! It was surreal and I
    will never forget it! You were both so lovely! ☺️

  10. Got both palettes in the mail yesterday. Love the colors and the cream
    highlight is gorgeous! Great color payoff in the shadows and blushes!

  11. Just bought this kit can’t for it to get all the way to the U.S. So I can
    start recreating your looks

  12. My Night Owl pallet arrived yesterday so I haven’t had much time to play
    with it yet. The colours are lovely and are very pigmented. Well done
    ladies! xxx

  13. Ive only recently starting to subscribe but i would love to see some
    tutorials for trendy but mature 48 yr old on a natural quick day look 🙂 

  14. Cream and powder products in the same area is a no-go for me. Imagine how
    much eyeshadow and blush will mix in with that highlighter. yikes!

  15. does the gel liner transfer to the lower water line? If not, this is the
    PERFECT palette for me!!

  16. Hi

    Can Asian/ indian skin tones use this palette? Like MAC NC 40-42? Thanks

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