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25 thoughts on “Easy Textured Elegant Formal Updo | Prom Wedding “Natural Hair”

  1. naptural85 is always amazing and awesome with the best natural hairstyles

  2. I modified this slightly with a puffy flat twist in the front. Looks great
    for an office meeting or interview. Quick, easy, classy. Thank!

  3. This is gorgeous!! I’m going to a dance on Saturday and needed a natural
    updo style. We’ll see if this works.

  4. This is one of my Favorite video from you!!! My Texture is very similar to
    yours, I cant wait to do this Updo!! Your hair is one of my inspiration on
    growing out my lovely hair….

  5. Hey luznegra! I don’t but adding a bit of witch hazel or tea tree oil to
    your hair cleanser should help <3

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