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  1. OK ladies. Some of you are wondering about the maintenance of the hair, and
    the predipped method. I have two other tutorials that specifically address
    some of those questions. Just click on my channel and you will see them.
    The predipped method is on my Marley braid wig tutorial. I hope this helps.
    God bless!

  2. There is something about your braid pattern… that really adds to the
    beautiful way your Marley hair is falling around your face. I don’t see any
    knots at all, even when it’s parted. You showed out on this one baby girl!

  3. Unfortunately, this did NOT work for me. 🙁 I did everything you
    did..used three bags of hair. Even braided it the same. My hair was WAYYY
    too full. Looked like a lion’s mane! Lol. Then trying to curl it…oh
    lawd! That was the worst part. The hair would barely stay on the rods. It
    took FOREVER to rod the whole head…I actually stopped halfway thru cause
    I was getting so frustrated. I ended up doing two strand twists of all the
    hair and putting the rods just on the ends. Slept on it, and in the
    morning, they STILL weren’t dry. So, I confused when you say leave them on
    for 5 minutes. ??? Mine weren’t dry in 10 hours!!! Yours look nice
    though…which is why I was trying to copy it. Funny how no one in their
    videos say how long it actually takes! I started mine and a hour and a
    half later, had only gotten a few rows done in the back. Had to end up
    going to my sister and having her complete the rest, otherwise it would
    have probably taken me 6 hours to install it all! Smh. Oh well. Complete
    FAIL for me.

  4. Love this style. On my third time trying it. The curls last so long it is
    really natural looking for those with natural kinky hair. For those that
    have a hard time keeping the curls, I have a couple of suggestions.

    I used the same hair as in the video. I installed the hair before curling.
    Though, I did have help with dipping into water.
    Be sure to boil the water , my curls lasted about 4 weeks the second time
    and I think it is because of the boiling hot water instead of putting in
    the microwave.

    Use the pineapple method when sleeping and the curls should last longer.

    Use the pink rod, I have thrown the pack away not sure if it’s 1102 or
    1103. It’s the pink not the peach color, at least these are what I used and
    my curls lasted.

    I used an inexpensive moisturizer, dollar general, Family dollar, and
    Walmart sell it. The name is BB oil moisturizer hair lotion with castor oil
    and aloe. It was 2.95 and comes in a pink and white bottle.

    I put a little moisturizer on the hair, brushed it out, the a little more
    moisturizer before I rolled it.

    Also, be sure to use a towel to squeeze out the extra water when u dip the
    hair. I found the more water I squeezed out the quicker I could unroll the
    rods and less time to dry.

    Great video and I hope my suggestions help.

  5. looks great!!! out of all the reviews i watched +SouthernSophis and you
    have the best look!!!! thanx for the breakdown on the pattern im confident
    i can do this myself, update please on the maintenance and restyling if
    need be 

  6. Love it because this method, and style is a more manage style than locks.
    Well I have seen so many go bald in front from D Locks. Good presentation
    and clear, thanks.

  7. Jeez! I love it!! I’ve searching for a style that I can go back to school
    with, and I think I’ve found it. Lovely, lady.

  8. I finally did it….well got it done. I think the only thing I will do
    differently is dip it before I put the hair in. I love this style. My curls
    did well for about two weeks. I’ll be honest…I could’ve taken better care
    of my hair, but the curls are still in. They have dropped some. 

  9. Need some suggestions. . Had the hair install but the stylist does not
    curl. I didn’t want it too long. So no I can’t dip in hot water because
    it’s too short.. any suggestions to get it curled? please that thank you

  10. Just a note, I like the technique, but please stop calling this a crochet
    hook. The type of tool used in a rug hook, it is used to
    make hooked rugs. Crochet hooks DO NOT have a latch. 

  11. I believe what you are calling a crochet hook is actually a latch hook. I
    used to make latch hook rugs with one of those. I crochet as well and a
    crochet hook does not have the little latch that closes like that.
    Gorgeous hair, though.

  12. I want to wear this style on vacation. Do you know what happens to the hair
    when it gets wet and/or chlorine hits it?

  13. I have only two questions. How did you dip in hot water and not get burned
    because they look to be curled short and tight? And did you braid or flat
    twist? I ask because I can only flat twist and not braid. thx for your
    response and video!

  14. Hey guys I also made crochet braids video it will be nice if you guys could
    come check it out Thanks

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