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25 thoughts on “Dutch Braid (Inverted French Braid) Braiding Hair Tutorial on Natural Hair

  1. Love the video. I’m also in Colorado and was wondering if you ever have
    meet and greets for curly girls

  2. I have mastered the cornrow lol. Its great for biking cause i have to wear
    a helmet. I did 4 today (:

  3. my bobbie pins slip if I put them in that way, I have to flip them. Does it
    really matter which way you put them in?

  4. Geez it’s harden than i thought… my braids keep being flat no matter how
    i try. they won’t really come up like yours, it’s like its lays down on my
    head and it’s difficult to see it is a braid :S 

  5. Okay so i just tried this for the first time on a wash and go. Lol i got
    the hang of how to do it but its not as good as yours yet. Its all frizzy
    and messy but im still proud of myself. Ill try again another day :D

  6. I didn’t put spritz and the other thing that you put on, I just used
    Nature’s Blessing. Is that OK? 

  7. olá, gostei muito desta trança no seu cabelo, vou usar em meu canal. valeu
    a dica! Parabéns!

  8. i really want to do hair but for some reason i cant figure out how to
    french braid AAAAGGGGHHHH

  9. Very nice tutorial but this is not a inverted braid inverted braids go in
    not out. I’m a licensed stylist and Natural hair instructor. You still want
    to give correct information people are coming to learn from you that’s how
    i ended up here ..looking for a inverted style.

  10. Thanks so much for this tutorial! My daughter is biracial and I went onto
    YouTube one day just to see some New braids…well, a thousand and one
    Caucasian videos popped up! I can do a simple braid on my and her spiral
    curly hair, but I can’t do anything fancy!
    This makes it easier for me to figure out how I should be holding her hair,
    and how to deal with the unruly ends!!! The curls always mess me up when
    braiding her hair! It drives me nuts! And you look so regal, so adorable in
    this braid!

  11. I’ve never learned how to braid hair before even my own after watching this
    im gonna practice it and try this

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