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25 thoughts on “Dramatic Fall Makeup Tutorial!

  1. Yep. Buying 6-MAM and Morphine first! I have all the “weird” blush colors
    picked from My Pretty Zombie, because of you and because they’re just
    awesome.XD Gorgeous look, that Inglot pigment is killer!

  2. Autumn is my favourite time of the year; the makeup is dark, the weather is
    colder, halloween is coming…! Can’t be better! I always look forward to
    it for the whole year, hahah XD
    I love this look! It looks great. I have to get Brick House, it’s the
    perfect brown/copper shade for fall! Though I wear ‘fall’ makeup all year
    around ;-)

  3. I love that you have incorporated unboxings, sample Saturdays, and other
    awesome videos to your channel, but I am glad to see an eye makeup tutorial
    up again too!

  4. I love this look! My hair is almost the same color as yours and I have a
    similar complexion as you as well. I’m always looking for more dramatic
    looks that don’t look insane on me since I’m so pale and already have red
    hair. This one is beautiful!

  5. Hey, WetNWild Brulee is 69 cents at Walgreens right now. I’m pale just like
    you picked up 7 of them. So stinking cheap

  6. Have you gotten or are you planning to get the new Urban Decay Vice 3
    palette? I really am hoping you do-I’m planning to get it next month
    (whenever I get the extra money!), & while I love big palettes,
    sometimes all those choices can be a bit overwhelming, so I’m hoping you
    get it & do some tutorials! 

  7. your eye color is pretty, but the eyeshadows aren’t even and it throws off
    a lot of people with the different colors which are too bold.

  8. myth looks so nice on you i wear nw45 and a liner to make a custom shade
    for my skin tone…. its perfect on you

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