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13 thoughts on “Do you have natural hair length goals? [Natural Hair Length Retention Tips]

  1. your hair looks great 🙂 my goal is pretty similar to yours, i want to
    retain length and practice better moisturizing habits since ive been
    getting pretty busy

  2. I really don’t set hair goals because I know I’m not consistent.. Sad…
    I’m just so lazy when it comes to my hair.. Maybe my goal is to have better
    hair maintenance.. Great video!!!

  3. I don’t really have a hair length goal, but I do have a hair goal to
    maintain healthy hair…

  4. I don’t have a hair goal, but I do think I need one. I usually retain 3
    inches, so I think a hair goal of retaining 4 inches, would be an excellent
    goal to measure how my regimen changes are working. Thanks.

  5. Check out Hair Journal App on iPhone and Android. Great for tracking hair
    growth and documenting your personal hair regime. Best wishes:-)

  6. my goals this year: Eat healthier and consistently (I sometimes go without
    eating and this has led to weak hair, weak nails, bad skin), protective
    styling 90% of the time and using all-natural or mostly all- natural
    products and DIY hair products as well. I also want to retain 4-5 inches.

  7. Quick Questions – with background: and this question may sound ridiculous,
    Im a guy, and i usd to have collar-bone length box braided hair. I was 23
    when i cut it off. Because i was young, i didnt pay attentin to how long it
    took to grow…..here is my question: having recently turned 29 on 3/12, i
    want to re grow my hair and get it braided or locked.
    a. Is it possible to get micro braids using your natural hair (no extensons
    of any kind)
    b. Does your rate of hair growth low over time? Or can i expect to have
    shoulder lngth hair in 5/6 years or less like back in my late high
    school/early college days?

  8. My hair goals is to try to retain the growth. My hair has thinned due to
    hypertension and simple goiter. I started on biotin and vitamins to slow
    the hair loss but I need to know is there a better way. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Do you have natural hair length goals? This year I do! Four inches & this
    is how I plan to do it.

  10. Hello I have been transitioning for 3 months now I am taking hairfinity
    vitamins and I an reading the grow it book just wanted any advice you could
    give your hair is so pretty and I also wanted to know more about your
    online business thanks

  11. I have never been good at maintaining my hair. What is best for me? Shampoo
    and conditioner? The best oils?

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