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25 thoughts on “DIY Homemade Clay Hair Cleanser Shampoo Recipe | Mud Wash Comparable to Terressentials

  1. Don’t break the bank people. I mix my Rhassoul clay with water and a few
    drops of lavender and ylang ylang, sometimes a tsp of ACV and that’s it.
    Still gets my hair clean and detangled. I bought the same clay she has from
    Mountain Rose Herbs.

  2. Can you substitute the clay for aztec healing clay? It’s my family’s

  3. Why not use Google or read thru the comments to get your own answers when
    possible and stop asking Nap questions she has already answered. She does
    enough for us. Its the least you can do for her. Reading is fundamental.

  4. Thanks! I’m going to try this. Do you think bentonite clay will work too? 

  5. You talk about Aloe Vera juice in a lot of your videos, but I can only find
    drinks in the supermarket with sugar in them. Is there a place to get this
    juice without sugar? Or is the sugar ok?

  6. Just tried it today. OMG it is amazing !!! My hair… wow I am just so
    speechless 😀 I am officially done with traditional shampoos 🙂 Thank you +

  7. What’s happening to her video? It’s messing up so bad. Omg!!! Not the clay
    wash video I need to write this down asap 

  8. Nettle oil is very good. Very good for the skin too! My local market used
    to always carry this stuff but now they don’t have it anymore because many
    never brought It. Now I wish I could have stock them.. Soo, now I have to
    buy It online somewhere. I’ll probably get It from eBay. 

  9. Can I just replace this clay mix with Aloe Vera shampoo? Tx great channel

  10. The clay you are using is Rhassoul an arabic word that means washer arabic
    women like my self use the Rhassoul as a purifier of the scalp with no
    damage on the hair , Rassala means message in arabic it has nothing to do
    with the word rhassoul I like your video though
    Beautiful job

  11. I tried this today and I’m excited about what it’s going to do. I got the
    clay via Mountain herbs website. I got the linden flower, ylang ylang, and
    the aloe vera juice via Amazon. I got the rosehip seed oil via Vitamine
    Shop. Everything was pretty affordable. I completely forgot about the
    nettle oil so I left it out since I was so anxious. It mixed ok but wasn’t
    sure if it should have been so watery. The smell was nice and rinsed out
    fine. I will continue to use this! Thanks!

  12. For everyone asking where aloe vera juice @. You can find a jug at
    walgreens in the dietary aisle where the laxatives is. Or another popular
    drug store

  13. Correction to post: Anyone who uses these ingredients should use the
    extract version. The essential oils are more concentrated and can irritate
    the skin if not diluted with a carrier oil. 

  14. Hi I’ve been watching your videos now for about a year now and I’m loving
    it. I’ve been natural for almost three years. You have been very helpful to
    me. Keep up the good work. By the way, your hair is beautiful.

  15. First, you will need a color applicator bottle. Then, you will need the
    ingredients listed below:

    – 4 oz (Aloe Vera Juice)
    – a little over 1/2 oz (Rhassoul Clay)
    – 1 Tablespoon (Rosehip Seed Oil)
    – 3 millimeters (Nettle Oil)
    – 1 millimeter (Linden Flower Oil)
    – A few drops (Ylang Ylang Essential Oil)

  16. I just tried this today and my hair just loved it. This will be my monthly
    staple from now on. Thank you for sharing your ideas. Happy New Year +

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