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25 thoughts on “Detoxing and Trimming Naturally Curly Hair – WHY?

  1. You are correct about using a journal. It has helped me tremendously during
    my journey. Btw, your hair looks amazing. Tfs. 

  2. How can we make an appointment with you? I’m in Westchester County, NY –
    and I need a good trim! Please let me know. Thanks

  3. Hey sis, great information! I needed this reminder. I am guilty of
    snatching knots out of my hair and not taking time to go find the
    scissors…:-/ So thanks for the slap on the hand..lol!!! I also
    homeschool my children. I’ve homeschooled from the beginning. I will def.
    check out ur other channel!

  4. Hiya. I second M.Goodley below with having problems with hair webbing
    together. I am an MHMer myself as well. And it’s confusing, because I am
    like is my hair forming clums of curls as expected with Max hydration, or
    is it webbing /locing and I should be trying hard to separate each fine
    strand of hair which can = breakage? Please help. I am getting a trim
    professionally on wed so excited about that. I also took your advice on
    increasing the frequency of my cowashes and it has helped with tangles, but
    I havent trimmed in a year and some months, so still need that asap.
    Eagerly await your updated routine video. Ciao!

  5. True smh I do acv and bentonite as well my hair has issue anyway tyvm its
    growing I’m 2&1/2 natural

  6. I had a different idea when I first clicked on hair “detox.” I’m thinking
    ridding the hair of toxins, pathogens or poisons etc. How do people with
    regular jobs get that on their hair? You’re talking about
    clarifying/cleansing or getting rid of product buildup. Okay, NOW I get it.
    lol ;)

  7. Hi Rachaelcpr. Great video and valuable information. I’m a MHMer and detox
    with (ACV and Bentonite Clay) regularly. But I haven’t trimmed in 6 mos
    (since big chop) and have alot of webbing when finger detangling even with
    conditioner. I do keep a journal and it is extremely helpful. I’m going to
    review your “trim” video again and take notes this time. I now understand
    the importance of trimming in order to retain length. I really appreciate
    and enjoy your videos, your advise and your energy. Thank you. 

  8. My hair doesn’t feel dry it’s real soft but when I take my twistout out I
    have a curl pattern. not when I hit the air my curls swell you Nimitz curl
    pattern very little but my hair is soft. what. I’m I doing wrong. lol. : )

  9. Hi @rachaelcpr … I just trimmed my hair this month myself for the first
    time. I was terrified and I don’t know how good or bad of a job I did but
    the ends are clipped lol. Practice makes perfect is the plan. I didn’t want
    to straighten it as I’ve done twice since being natural for almost 3 yrs. I
    was afraid to let anyone trim it curly so that’s why it’s only been trimmed
    twice. I read the CG book at the beginning and I know better but trims are
    scary. Now I’m trying to get back on track with CG and I can’t find your
    nighttime routine. What video has your most recent routine?

  10. I use Shea moisture products. When I do my twist out in the house I will
    have a lot of curls as soon as the air hit my hair it turn into a big puff
    lol. I will check the product thanks 

  11. You are the first person I have heard explain why you should trim. I have
    heard others say why but never have I heard anyone explain the oxidation.
    Thank you! I hate trims. I do dust my ends but probably not as often as I
    should. I am starting to home school my three daughters! I will definitely
    subscribe to both your channels.

  12. Thanks! You said exactly what I needed to hear. My hair is full of single
    strand knots. Off to trim! (:

  13. Thank you for sharing these great tips. My hair recently felt like it
    needed some tlc. I fell back from the mhm because my schedule changed. I’m
    adjusting. I love your hair in this video. Hope thats your next one..lol

  14. I so agree with you on trimming! It’s been crucial for maintaining health
    hair. I know it’s time for a trim when my fingers get stuck in my hair and
    detangling gets tougher. I never considered a hair journal before. That’s a
    fantastic idea!

  15. thanks for the. information. I HAVE PROBLEM with my end Ibidem water on my
    end. I,do the Love method but my ends are still get dry when I go outside 

  16. Ok my hair grows about 1/4 of a inch a month so every 3mo is to often for
    me. This is the longest I have went without a trim and it has been 8
    months. No knots or little pieces but it does take me longer to finger
    detangling now. I like your journal idea.

  17. Hi I need help.no matter what I get splitt ends I trim evety thtee ,onths I
    don’t use heat very often maybe twice or three times a year. I deep
    condition I use protein treatments I hsbe been natural for three years
    and.my hair hasn’t retained ength since istarted trimmimg it two years ago
    . At this point I just think that is how my hair grows. Isthere anything I
    can do ? 

  18. Where is your salon located. I’m in NYC, I cornrowed my hair and then I
    trimmed the ends, but I need a proper trim. 

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