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24 thoughts on “Dark Golden Blonde on Natural Hair: Shea Moisture Hair Color Review

  1. So does a person need to use it twice to have results?? and can this
    product be found anywhere?

  2. Hi! Just curious, why did you opt to dye your hair yourself versus getting
    it professionally done. I’m going back and forth with what to do, so I’d
    love to know if there’s a benefit one way or another (besides the money
    factor). I have used dyes at home in the past, including this brand, but
    my hair was either relaxed or transitioning at that time. I’m full on
    natural now and I just want to do what’s best for my hair health wise since
    I’ve been taking such great care of it. Any insight you can offer would be
    appreciated 😉 Thanks!

  3. i just watched a video before you and this girl said the same thing she did
    recommend on dark hair , by the way she was trying to do the same color as
    you and it didnt work ,it was the bright aurburn and it worked fine . How
    long did you wait until you colored tried again ?? Your did not turn out
    too any BLONDE at all . It look to me like brown/wine color .

  4. K so this is my first video seeing you and let me just say- I LOVE YOU.
    Like your spirit is so happy and I love it. Subbing and watching a few more
    videos… I’ve been trying to get in touch with the natural community
    because I’m transitioning… I’m just 4 months in but I need to constantly
    watch people with beautiful hair so I don’t go back to that hair crack :(

  5. I love Shea Moisture products and didn’t know that they had a color system
    available. Now I gotta do that. But my comment isn’t about how much I love
    Shea Moisture, it is about you. I love your energy, your hair, and mostly
    your personality. This is the first tutorial that actually made me Laugh
    out Loud (yes… I spelled it out. That’s pretty serious. 😉 ) Thank you
    for the laugh and the tutorial.

  6. me encanta las tima que no entiendo ni pio lo que hablas pero se
    que estabas haciendo jejejeeje bueno eso creo me encanta tucanal te
    felicito dios te bendaga

  7. My hair is low porosity and I henna. I have to leave it way longer because
    than most. low porosity is slow to absorb t. That may be why you had to
    leave on longer. 

  8. I’ve used this dye a few times and each time I’ve had to use 2 boxes
    because I have too much hair lol. So i would recommend always using two
    boxes so the color will come out better. Unless you have short hair then
    one box should be enough 

  9. I saw in Bridgewater Mall today about 3 hrs ago!!!!!
    You were walking so fast that I couldnt say hello .But u were so tall and
    pretty. Im like 5’11 so I was suprised.

  10. When you went back to Target to color again, did you end up running out and
    using the 2nd box?

  11. The reason your hair wasn’t turning the blonde color is because you did not
    apply foil to your hair. Foil deionizes the dye so it can actually lift the
    color of your hair. 

  12. @The KG Lifestyle You probably didn’t see a change , because the shea
    moisture dye kits have no ammonia (bleach) in them, so if your hair is dark
    it’s harder to deposit color on it .

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