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25 thoughts on “CSO | The Secret To Long Natural Hair | Part 2/4

  1. When we stop envying other people’s hair texture and start loving our own
    hair texture, the journey through natural hair becomes smoother. The choice
    to relax or cover our heads up entirely in someone else’s texture is the
    result of hair envy. Hair envy has cost our sisters a lot of money and a
    lot of pride.

  2. Everyone has there preference to what they are physically attracted to. As
    women, it’s important that we don’t throw men under the bus just because
    they don’t like our hair. It’s not their preference. I feel it’s pretty
    bias. Although some women are more accepting to a man’s appearance, but for
    those that aren’t, If a guy doesn’t look a certain way, he wouldn’t get the
    time of day, night or daylight savings. as long as the guy isn’t being a
    jerk or rude about it, i dont see the big deal.

  3. You’re right! Going natural has given AA women a vehicle in which they can
    relate to each other on a more uplifting level. It has strengthen the
    community not solely b/c there is this common ground, but b/c women began
    loving themselves more. Their self-esteem/self-love kicked in, so it was
    easier to form a sisterhood rather than hate on each other for no reason. –

  4. Hi ladies, I’m watching this video and all of a sudden Chescalocs was
    getting ready to answer but it ended. This is part 2/4 but where is 3/4 and
    4/4? By the way ladies you all look great and I’m glad you are all
    representing beautiful, intelligent , black women. ~Holla!

  5. I agree with you and I would hope that people disagree with me and that
    that disagreement would lead to a deeper reflection from both sides on why
    we as individuals do what we do.

  6. well, like we said, i just think it’s important to remember that everyone
    has different experiences with their hair. just as you can go natural and
    still be insecure about other aspects of your life or looks, having a
    relaxer doesn’t mean you’re automatically uncomfortable with your natural
    texture. my mom still has a perm and is very confident. she just likes
    wearing her hair straight! you’re right, it’s not “just hair” but for some,
    it is!

  7. Nick is so right. Halle Berry made it fashionable to cut black women’s
    hair, before her hairstyle, no black women cut their hair! :D:D

  8. And again, I don’t feel like I was judging anyone. I never said that people
    who perm are bad people. If you have type 2 diabetes and you’re eating a
    bowl of ice cream, I’m not judging you, but that person should ask
    themselves why they are doing that. Same with perming. Same with religion.
    Same with politics. Same with being vegetarian. You should regularly
    question your behavior and your beliefs. It makes them stronger.

  9. I would love to hear more from the UBBs, HFH, and Taren. Part 1 and 2 of
    this conversation seem to be heavily dominated by chesaleigh. Not sure if
    that was intentional.

  10. I have for a while loved and followed all the ladies on that couch (&
    computer lol) and to see them come together is just beautiful! Thank you <3

  11. I still don’t understand why people got upset by the video! It was great,
    and to me, all hair types were represented! People really need to stop
    sticking their thumbs up the butts and lighten up. It was done in good
    taste and sent across a clear message. You want long hair? Then be PATIENT!

  12. Going Natural Definitely makes you strong mentally i’m transitioning all
    over again because the first time I did the big chop and went natural every
    one called me nappy headed and was constantly telling me how i needed a
    perm until i permed my hair it was ridiculous but now im at the point im
    like its my hair if you have a problem hit the door bud lol…I loved
    watching this!!!

  13. Thanks for posting these. It’s a really good discussion to have. I’m really
    enjoying watching them.

  14. Well some people would prolly disagree with you. Not saying I do, but some
    people will. Some wont see it as more than it just being hair. Some will
    see it as something much deeper. All depends on which person view your
    looking at

  15. Going natural did help me with other parts in my life. Health wise and
    Lifestyle wise. I went natural because cancer does run in my family.


  17. I went natural for the freeness and health reasons. I got tired of surgery
    and medicines so I had to make a big change. After 4 years of marriage my
    husband fully supports me through my new healthy journey so didnt mind me
    cutting my back length hair…he is just happy to see my health changing
    for the better.

  18. It was too organic to be bleeped – that passion had to be let loose &
    shared! You’re very articulate so a curse here and there is ok 🙂 – MA

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