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25 thoughts on “Crotchet Braids Step By Step Tutorial How To Latch Hook Hair Weave Technique & Tips Part 3

  1. I really like how you teach, its simple and straightforward. I follow your
    pattern on my little girl doll and it work, so I am going to try on myself.
    Hope you are on Facebook. 

  2. Ahh lmao 11:29 she couldnt get that latch closed for nothinf. But fr fr
    this is a good video, like all her tutorials

  3. I love the way your braids look. I personally don’t think that you need
    the hair extensions because you are already pretty just the way you are. I
    wish I had hair like yours. I love your sense of style too.

  4. Hi I luv your tutorials! I just wanted to know can this braid pattern be
    used to put your hair up in a pony tail or up-do?

  5. All of you guys that have commented to Breanna are so kind and generous.
    She looks like a nice girl.

  6. I really like your tutorials. What I am trying to figure out is how exactly
    do you do the back? Do u just go up each braid? I’m confused about the back

  7. beautiful i will be trying this and i will be buying the plastic beader
    this style is very convenient!! :)

  8. I wanted to say thank you Breanna because until now I was unable to
    successfully apply the crochet braid technique, and the tutorial on box
    braids technique was priceless!…thank you for being so generous in
    sharing your knowledge!

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